Electric vehicle conversion in Trichy booming fast

With petrol prices rising in Tamil Nadu, motorists are facing a lot of difficulties. Due to the increase in petrol prices, the public spends 40% of their monthly income on petrol. Some people travel in buses out of fear of petrol prices. 

Vehicle repair shops have been inactive for more than two months due to the Corona infection. Following this, all the shops were opened and operated.

 A vehicle repair shop is functioning in the area of ​​Trichy Shastri Road. Customers who come to this shop to repair vehicles for the last 10 days. Petrol prices continue to rise for the store owner. Customers continue to ask if the current vehicle can be converted to an electric vehicle. Satisfied with the research, they are converting Scooties and gears from petrol vehicles to electric vehicles. Private companies are selling electric vehicles in various models.

According to a technical engineer, the technology of converting petrol trucks into electric trucks is on the rise in Trichy. It can travel up to 60 km on a four - hour charge. The replacement will cost 30 to 35 thousand rupees, he said.

We also have to change with the times. From fingerprints to soil, cylinders, electricity, now it has changed to solar, so when the price of one product increases, it is foolish to change other products according to the social activists say ....

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