Will Squirrels reason for power outages ? Truth behind Tamil Nadu Minister Senthil balaji statement.

 Tamil Nadu Power Minister Senthil Balaji from DMK has come under fire for saying that squirrels are also responsible for the current power outage in Tamil Nadu. Let's find out if squirrels are really the main cause of resistance.

Speaking to media persons, Power Minister Senthil Balaji said that the power outage was caused by squirrels running on the power lines due to lack of maintenance work. Referring to this, PMK founder Ramdas teased the minister on Twitter.

Explaining this, 
Senthil Balaji said that the resistance caused by squirrels can be identified by examining one of the major challenges faced by power plants worldwide.

In this case, last year in the United States, a study was published on the resistance of animals. Accordingly, more than 22 thousand times the power outage was caused by more than two thousand animals. Surprisingly, due to the maximum resistance, the squirrels are number one. Accordingly, in the last one year alone, squirrels in the United States have experienced 15 thousand power outages. Squirrels have caused more power outages than natural disasters such as storms.

Studies have shown that squirrels cause electrical blockages by digging holes in the ground near electrical connections, chewing electrical conductors and causing friction between two wires when running over power lines.

In general, the current flowing between the squirrel's legs when running on a power line does not change the voltage ratio so it does not cause a large change in the squirrel's body. Also, to the extent that electricity does not flow through the legs to the body, they are more resistant.

At the same time, when the wires are rubbed directly on the body, they die. For example, in Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA, a squirrel got stuck in a power line under the ground and died. 

It has been scientifically proven that squirrels cause electrical blockage.

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