Srirangam Amma Mandapam uplift with 45Cr.

The Water Resources Department (WRD) is likely to get the Administrative Sanction (AS) for the project to develop Amma Mandapam bathing ghat in Srirangam within a month.

It is among the projects to be implemented by The WRI under the Nadanthai Vaazhi Cauvery scheme, which aims at protecting the river course from degradation at thickly populated places along the Cauvery.

According to sources in the WRD, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been submitted to the National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD) for approval. Considering the cost escalation of various construction materials, the project estimate has been revised from ₹40 crore to ₹45 crore. An agency, which was appointed by the NRCD, has nearly completed the scrutiny of the project. It is likely to get AS within a month. The process of floating a tender will begin immediately after the receipt of Administrative Sanction .

The design and elevation of the bathing ghat would resemble the temple, sources said. As per the plan, a stretch of 600 meters from the existing Amma Mandapam to Geethapuram on the banks of the Cauvery will receive a complete makeover. Construction of bathing steps (padithurai), an exclusive 'thithi' mandapam, walking track, head tonsuring centre, facilities for hair dressing, police watch tower, dress changing rooms for men and women, sanitary complex and a shopping complex were among the components of the project,

Thithi Mandapam will be the main draw of the project. It will have all basic facilities for performing rituals to their ancestors. It would have elaborate facilities for the priests as well as those who perform rituals. It could accommodate 100 priests in two rows. Each priest could accommodate about 10 persons. The mandapam could handle about 750 persons.

A head tonsuring center will also come up near to thithi mandapam so as to facilitate the people to carry out the rituals as per the tradition. Similarly, a provision will also be set up for hair dressing.

As per the plan, the padithurai will have a length of 150 meters. It will help the local residents and the outsiders to take bath and perform rituals on Adi Perukku and Ammavasai days. Dress changing rooms and a sanitary complex will be constructed near the padithurai. In addition to them, a walking track for 250 meters will also come up to support the local residents to go for morning and evening walk and enjoy the beauty of the riverfront. 

source : The Hindu

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