Sun Glasses for Trichy Traffic Police

 Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital gifted the Sun Glasses to Trichy Traffic Police to protect their eyes from summer heat.

Trichy Police Commissioner Mayilvaganan , Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital, Dr. Dr DMK Ramalingam and Dr Roach Welcharaj where presented on the function.

Speaking on the show, Dr. MDK Ramalingam said, "Wearing glasses at cheaper prices can cause cataracts to circulate quickly with hot radiation. Therefore, the standard sunglasses should be used. Ultra violet radiation will be affected by the eyes, and the heat in India is very high, so everyone should wear good quality glasses in the summer, not to be affected. "

Finally speaking to Trichy DCP Mayilvaganan said, "He advised everyone to use standard sunglasses to keep the eyes out of the heat because of the heat in the summer and the smoke and the smoke of the vehicles and everybody should take eye examination once a year. "

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