Trichy Rock Fort temple wall on danger stage.

 Stones tumbling down from a centuries-old huge stone wall at Rock Fort are making life a little riskier for the families living behind it. The wall at Rock Fort along Andal Street has began showing indications of weakness due to lengthy neglect, with plants and trees growing from the fissures, and recent months have witnessed stones falling from the stone walls onto houses nearby.


Compounding the situation is the refusal of both the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and the HR&CE departments to take responsibility for the wall. Manoharan, a resident, described an incident: "One day, there was a huge smash behind the home.

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Upon inspection, I observed huge stones lying. The wall requires urgent maintenance; else, it poses a serious risk." Not only are the individuals below the wall at peril; Should the wall collapse, the residences situated atop the structure will also suffer the impact.

Marimuthu, another resident, stressed the urgency to swiftly clear veeds on the wall and conduct maintenance with input from civil experts specialising in archaeological buildings. However, the major issue rests in the absence of any department accepting responsibility for the wall. Upon interrogation, ASI officers of the Trichy circle confirmed that the wall did not fall within their purview.

"Our jurisdiction covers only the caves and pathways leading to them," they stated. Hariharan Subramanian, assistant commissioner of Rock Fort Temple under the HR&CE, remarked, "The wall is not under our department's responsibility. Some time ago, when locals filed a complaint against the wall with the district administration, we openly expressed our lack of control over the wall."

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