Shelter installed at Trichy traffic signal to help commuters beat the heat

In Trichy, a temporary shelters has been erected to protect motorists standing at signals from the heat. It has gained popularity among the public.

Although Agini Nakshatra in Tamil Nadu starts with summer rains, the summer heat is increasing day by day. Motorists and public are suffering a lot as they are unable to cope with this heat. For the past few days, the temperature in Trichy has been consistently above 100 degrees. Therefore, bike riders and pedestrians are reluctant to come out of the house at noon.

Meanwhile, the Trichy Municipal Police has set up a temporary roof for two-wheeler riders standing at the signal (one of the four roads) near the Trichy Head Post Office. In this, the two-wheeler riders get a bit of relief from the sun while they wait for the signal.

The temporary shelters set up at Signal to deal with the scorching summer heat has been well received by the bikers. Following this, the Trichy Metropolitan Police is taking steps to erect temporary roofs at various signals in Trichy.

This action by the police has been well received by the public

It is said that this roof has been set up as a temporary trial attempt, and it is said that shelters like this will be installed permanently in Trichy city so that the two-wheeler drivers can get some rest from the rain and sun said Collector M. Pradeep Kumar

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