TTEs in Trichy Railway Division equipped with handheld terminal (HHT) devices to provide reservation status

 Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTEs) in Tiruchi Railway Division will no longer be required to carry reservation charts on board trains as they are to be equipped with handheld terminal (HHT) devices to provide reservation status to passengers and to the next station on a running train. 

The initiative to introduce charting of passenger manifesto through the HHT devices is aimed at putting in place paperless ticketing and charting system that will enable expeditious finalisation of refund claims. With the use of the devices which is an Information Technology initiative, paperwork will be eliminated and the accommodation availability status on the running train will be available to all stations, including the approaching station, as the system will go online under the new system. 

The HHT system was formally inaugurated in the division by Divisional Railway Manager Manish Agarwal here recently in the presence of Senior Divisional Commercial Manager I. Senthil Kumar. Hand Held tablets were given to TTEs of Rockfort Express and Thanjavur-Chennai Uzhavan Express. The system will be expanded to cover all trains in the division. 

At present, the berth position, availability status ticket checking and charts are maintained manually by TTEs and for this they have to carry paper reservation charts and refer them each time to check a passenger ticket, or while allotting a berth. One of the main advantages of the HHT system is removal of paperwork in chart checking. The system will also ensure greater transparency in the allotment of accommodation. 

Automatic generation of occupancy charts for TTEs in the device; automatic updation of NT berths in coaching refund thereby enabling quicker refund to the passengers; availability of information of vacant berths on train at ensuing stations on the train route as well as on the internet and sending data of after charting cancelled passengers at every hour to the HHT devices to avoid fraudulent travel after ticket cancellation are the other advantages of this system. 

The system is also environment-friendly as tonnes of paper used for printouts can be saved with the facility. It will also improve the passenger reservation system by providing confirmation to persons having a ticket in the waiting list while on the running train and sending instant accommodation availability status to all stations, a press release from Tiruchi Railway Division said. 

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