Poorly maintained Test driving tracks at Trichy RTO

 Public seeking licence for two-wheeler and four-wheeler driving are forced to prove their driving skill either on the poorly maintained test tracks or on the makeshift ‘8’ track set up to conduct the tests.

As the designated tracks are uneven and ridden with potholes and weeds, the two-wheeler riders have to manoeuvre between two stones kept at a random distance for the ‘8’ test. “When I went for a pre-test practice, I was shocked to see the place. The licence seekers have to risk their lives in order to take the test as the ground was uneven and bumpy,” said Illavarasi, who took the two-wheeler licence test.

“For the last few months, I have been learning to drive on roads and taking the test on such bad tracks was challenging and I lost balance while practicing due to potholes and uneven surfaces,” said J. Gerald, an applicant.

“Why can't the department have a better driving test track when they are collecting enough money from fees and other sources,” he questioned.

A senior official of the RTO said that they have apprised the higher official of the shortcomings at the centre. “Prior to the pandemic lockdown, the test driving tracks were in good condition. However, after that, things changed. Measures will be taken to restore the tracks and improve the test procedure will also be implemented,” he said.

Apart from hardships, the quality of the test taken in haste is also in question, as the number of accident cases reported in the city is on the rise compared to the previous year.

Source : TheHindu

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