Learn traditional arts in government music school, Srirangam, Trichy

 Learn the traditional arts of Tamil Nadu in Government Music School, eligible students can benefit from Trichy District Government Music School.

In this regard, the principal of this school. Meenalochani says:

A District Government Music School was started in Trichy Srirangam in the year 1997 under the scheme of starting music schools on behalf of the Arts and Culture Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

In this school, students are trained in 7 traditional art forms of vocal, Nagasuram, Devaram, Thavil, Bharatanatyam, Violin and Mritangam as a certificate course for three years.

Students between 12 years to 25 years can enroll in District Government Music School. For Bharatanatyam training one must have passed 7th standard. Students are charged only Rs.350 as an annual fee to join a music school.

Students enrolled in the course will be given an incentive of Rs.400 per month for ten months. One important thing is that this amount will be given for the three years of their studies.

Currently, the students' chowk for the year 2022-23 is being held for all 7 divisions. Free bus facility announced by the Tamil Nadu government for all the students joining the school, hostel facility for the students who are studying from a distance, free uniform, bicycle and shoes will be provided as per the norms.

About 700 students have studied in the school which has been running for 25 years. Many of them are working at various places across the state in temples run under the control of the Hindu Religious Charities Department. Tamil Nadu Government gives priority in employing them.

Subjects are taught to the students by the best teachers in each department. Scholarships will be conducted by Tamil Nadu Government Scholarship Directorate for students who complete 3 years of training. Certificates will be given to the students who get the certificate.

So students who want to go to Trichy district can benefit by going to music school. Also, for details, you can contact the Principal at Government Music School, Moolathoppu, Melursalai, Srirangam on 0431-2962942, 9445614505.

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