Two astronomers from the Trichy Astro Club have discovered three new asteroids.

Two astronomers from the Trichy Astro Club have discovered three new asteroids.

Siberia was hit by a large asteroid on June 30, 1908, causing dire consequences.

World Asteroids Day is observed annually on June 30 to commemorate this. It has been approved by the United Nations since 2015 and has been raising awareness among students about asteroids.

Trichy KK Nagar Bharathi Matriculation School Principal, Trichy Astro Club Head Bala Bharathi and Tuya Valanar College Student Azhi Mukilan have recently discovered 3 new asteroids.

Balabharati told  that between the planet Mars and Jupiter, a lot of rock-like objects of different sizes are orbiting the sun. These are called asteroids.

These include asteroids orbiting the Earth. These enter the Earth's atmosphere when they interfere with the Earth's orbit. If the scale is small they are burned by the friction of the air in the atmosphere. If they are large in size, they will hit the earth when they reach the earth before it burns completely. These are called potentially hazardous objects. If these are constantly monitored and there is a possibility of an earth attack, it will be alerted.

The first asteroid was discovered in 1801 by QCB Piazzi and named Ceres. Numerous asteroids have since been discovered.

Various organizations are working with NASA to detect these asteroids. The International Asteroid Search Coordination (IASC) is an organization that trains students to find asteroids.

Astronomers Bala Bharathi, Azhi Mukherjee  with a certificate obtained for the detection of asteroids

The Trichy Astro Club team from Tamil Nadu participated in the training held last month. I and Azhi Mukherjee have discovered 3 new asteroids. The invention was approved by the IASC and given the provisional names BBM2101, BBM2102, and BBM2103. In the follow-up study, their size, orbit, etc. will be calculated and named after the findings.

Various trainings are provided free of cost on behalf of the Trichy Astro Club to engage students in the Asteroid Discovery Bill. World Asteroids Day is set to begin today (June 30) with an online commentary.

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